Daruma Records

Daruma RecordsWe are an independent label for pop, rock, and indie music in Barcelona with the intention of giving support to our bands to produce and sell their EP/LP and merchandise without making them loose any of their rights or tie them down to a major label style contract.

Daruma records is born from the desire to promote the productions happening at Tostadero's studio. We are an initiative that serves bands and artists that record, mix and/or master with us. We believe that the only way to promote good music is to get musicians to have a direct contact with their public and help them be able to regain the benefits of their work in order to keep them producing evolving their musical projects.

El TostaderoDaruma Records gives full production services for EP/LP and live performances to bands, publishing and manufacturing, web support, graphic design and on-line sales.

It is our aim to give to bands and artist the most of their benefits since we strongly believe that is the only way to support bands and, ultimately, empower real music scenes. Power to the artists.